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Services for business customers

Heavy equipment maintenance & repair

Heavy Center Hirvaskangas services and repairs vans, buses, trucks and machinery. In our modern facilities we can service vehicles of all sizes, including HCT articulated vehicles. Our skilled mechanics can carry out repairs, from normal annual maintenance to more demanding diagnostics and repairs.

Spare parts

We have spare parts for all your needs. Our range includes both standard service parts and spare parts required for repairs. We also offer hydraulic hoses and fittings for heavy and off-road equipment.

Vehicle wash

In connection with our workshop, you will find the new modern Christ Magnum wash system, where it is possible to wash all sizes of vans, trucks, buses, and articulated vehicles up to HCTs.

For contract customers, washes are also available 24/7.

Vehicle inspection

Heavy Center Hirvaskangas offers our customers vehicle inspection services on a turnkey basis. We will take care of your vehicle pre-inspection check, brake fitting, exhaust gas measurements and the inspection itself, together with Hirvaskankaan Autokatsastus Oy located in the same building.

Rengasmyynti Tuomiset

Tyre services

Rengasmyynti Tuomiset Oy, located in Hirvaskangas Heavy Center, serves the drivers of passenger cars and heavy equipment in the Jyväskylä region. We also have summer and winter tyres for professionals, and we carry out studding and other tyre work on truck winter tyres.

Waiting areas and accommodation

The comfort of our customers is very important to us at Heavy Center Hirvaskangas. We have put a lot of effort into this. In addition to the normal waiting areas, our workshop facilities include a sauna, showers and rest rooms. The services are available to our customers during their visits to the workshop.

Vehicle sales

Vehicle sales services at Heavy Center Hirvaskangas are provided by Rekkatori Oy. They have a wide range of used trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles and accessories available.

Heavy Center Hirvaskangas

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