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Waiting areas and accommodation

Waiting areas

The comfort of our customers is very important to us at Heavy Center Hirvaskangas. We have put a lot of effort into this. In addition to the normal waiting areas, our workshop facilities include a sauna, showers and rest rooms. The services are available to our customers during their visits to the workshop. This allows us to guarantee our customers a refreshing and enjoyable workshop experience.


The upper-floor facilities of Heavy Center are ready. We offer accommodation for 40€ / night (VAT 0). Guests have access to a gym, shower, sauna, lounge, kitchenette and toilet.

Contact details

045 219 2869

Heavy Center Hirvaskangas

Puukyläntie 1
44250 Äänekoski

Work management

040 120 5372 / Antero

040 655 1449 / Arttu

Customer service

045 219 2869 / Jenni

Hirvaskangas Heavy Center business group project, project number 206838, continental rural development programme 2014-2020.